Man a

III Humans and Other Primates

       Humans and apes SHARE COMMON ANCESTOR

A.    Primates

 Primates-mammals-examples humans, apes, monkeys, ad lemurs

1. First Primates


Primates-larger brains, both eyes in front(binocular or 3-D vision, have opposable or bendable thumb-can grasp tools



2. Apes and Chimpanzees

Chimp-closest relative to man-share COMMON ANCESTOR, between 5-30 mil yrs ago-split and evolved differently


3 Hominids

humans and humanlike ancestors-hominids, bipedal(walking on 2 feet


human pelvis for upright walking



B.           Hominids Through Time

Many different hominids lived, they varied

1. The Earliest Hominid

Could walk upright, flatter faces, from Africa, 6 to 7 mil yrs ago


2. Australopithecines

Early hominids-larger brains, stone tools, walked upright, Africa

3. A Variety of Early Hominids

Many lived at same time/ some were human ancestors


4. Global Hominids

2.3 mil yrs ago-Homo group on several continents

Homo-family of modern man

Homo habilis



Homo erectus


C.           Recent Hominids

400,000 to 30,000 yrs ago

1. Neanderthal-Europe & Asia, clothes, buried dead, culture

400,000 to 30,000 yrs ago



2. Early and Modern Humans

Homo sapiens-40,000 yrs ago – now

created art, complex society



D.          Drawing the Hominid Family Tree

share common ancestors, not direct line



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